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Wellbeing in Early Learning

Wellbeing is at our core.
Healthy happy young toddler with positive wellbeing in an outdoor environment at Beyond Early Learning.

Wellbeing at Beyond Early Learning

Our approach to wellbeing is intentional. From the unique environments that we create, to our educational practice, the programs that we plan, the educator led times each day where mindfulness activities are enjoyed, and the delicious fresh and nutritious meals that Beyond prepares for the children, everything is intentional, with wellbeing at its very core.

‍Wellbeing at Beyond begins with an intentional and sequential teaching program, adjusted accordingly in each room to meet the unique developmental needs of each group of children

The intentional teaching program ensures that every child is engaged, develops skills in managing their emotions, learns about themselves, makes connections with their world and develops healthy and secure relationships with others. These skills lay strong foundations for developing positive physical and mental health and social connectedness as an adult.

The intentional program is also enhanced through interactions with other children and the emergent curriculum, Flow Learning, every day.
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