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All-inclusive fees so that our families can budget with certainty.
Child learning with natural materials in a Beyond Early Learning centre.

Fee Structure at Beyond

Our daily fee is for a single session of 6, 10 or 12 hours. Children who are enrolled permanently for 5 days per week will receive a discounted rate. Our fees may differ slightly from centre to centre. Please choose the centre closest to you for centre specific fee information.

We operate for 52 weeks of the year, Monday to Friday, except on days that are national or South Australian public holidays.

Our fees include a nutritious lunch, morning and afternoon tea, nappies, wipes and sunblock.  

We can support families who wish to book an extra session(s) on a casual basis, should we have availability.
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Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a payment offered by the Australian Government for which you may be eligible. The CCS is means tested based on the combined family income, the fortnightly activity of families – such as work, study or volunteering – and the type of service a child attends.  

To find out if you are eligible for CCS, use our calculator below or visit the Services Australia website. Depending on your personal circumstances, there may also be other government funding available.

Once you are registered for CCS you will be given a CRN number and your child's centre requires this number to link your Beyond invoices to Centrelink. Your centre will not be able to answer any questions about your payments, as this information is your private information and we do not have access to it.

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

The following is an estimate only and represents what you may have to pay. The amount of Child Care Subsidy you get depends on your circumstances and Servces Australia will determine your final eligibility. These estimates are based on the information you provide.
What is your total combined annual income?
How many hours of work or recognise activity do you do?
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