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Our Difference

Wellbeing is at our core.
A child being cared for by an early childhood educator at Beyond.

What makes us different at Beyond

Our wellbeing program is intentional. We proactively monitor its effectiveness for every child and use that data to develop each child’s Wellbeing Plan, in partnership with their family.

Because we understand the importance that a strong connection with the outdoors has on the wellbeing of children, our centres are all designed around stimulating and challenging outdoor learning spaces. Fit and healthy bodies, along with fresh air, contribute enormously to a positive sense of wellbeing for all children.

Each child’s social and emotional development is greatly enhanced through Flow Learning. When children are deeply engaged in their learning, natural and meaningful relationships with others prosper. When children learn how to plan their daily and weekly learning, they also naturally learn how to self-regulate their body’s needs. Having opportunities to develop self-reflection skills at such a young age is an important aspect of our wellbeing program.

Daily Mindfulness sessions assist children to learn how to calm their bodies and be ready for learning. Mindfulness activities include, but are not limited to, activities such as children’s yoga, guided visualisation and deep breathing.
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