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Educational Programs

Using nature to support learning.
Children outdoors enjoying a natural learning program at Beyond Early Learning.

The Beyond Journey

At Beyond we work with and support families on the amazing, and sometimes challenging  journey that is parenting. Children may join our community at any time from 6 weeks of age until they begin school. Should we have vacancies, we welcome new enrolments at any time during the year and at any developmental stage in our program. 

Baby rooms - our very youngest children, between six weeks and two years of age, begin their Beyond journey in rooms that are thoughtfully designed to nurture and feel like home.

Toddler rooms - once your child is confidently mobile and has developed some early self-help skills, such as being able to communicate their needs, eat independently, and have a routine afternoon sleep, they will then move to one of the Toddler rooms. 

Pre-kindy children – pre-kindy children are learning to play with other children, rather than alongside them. They are beginning to use role play extensively in their learning, helping them to make sense of their world.

Kindy children - the kindy program is a fully approved kindergarten program, and a university qualified teacher leads the educational program. An extended day is available outside of the kindergarten program.

STEM (science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Nature is full of STEM opportunities. Children learn through play; they explore, question and wonder about what is beyond their world. STEM opportunities for children extend on exploration and enquiry about their everyday world, engaging them in active learning and discovery. The foundations of scientific learning are inquiry and exploration, both of which are elements of STEM.

The brain is particularly receptive to learning Maths and logic between the ages of one and four and Maths skills are thought to be the most powerful predictor of later learning success.

The design of Beyond centres intuitively encourages STEM activities. Having access to the outdoors naturally promotes questions and hypotheses. Having educators working alongside children guiding their learning, enables children to learn how to research and test their hypotheses, naturally developing skills relevant to STEM, while also creating an awareness in children of the importance and value of STEM.
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